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installation of a water pump

  • Drain and flush the cooling system completely.
  • Disconnect alternator if the water pump is driven by a V-belt.
  • Observe the manufacturer‘s instructions if the pump is driven by a toothed timing belt with combined valve control.
  • Dismount water pump and carefully clean the sealing


  • The inside axial seal in the water pump is sensitive to rust and other wear debris in the coolant. Such debris may cause the water pump and other components, such as the thermostat, to fail before time.
  • Dispose of the cooling fluid properly and do not reuse the drained cooling fluid.
  • Extremely dirty cooling systems should therefore be cleaned thoroughly.


  • Assemble the new water pump as per the manufacturer‘s instructions.
  • Check whether the water pump rotates uniformly and without any internal resistance on the pulley.
  • Tension the drive belt to the recommended level.
  • In the case the water pump is driven by a timing belt, it is recommendable to replace belts and
    tensioner(s) to ensure that repairs are effective for a long time.
  • Fill with the recommended coolant. Set the mixing ratio in such a way that the coolant‘s freezing point is at least -35 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to mix the coolant in a suitable container before pouring it into the cooling system.
  • Check that the system is leak-tight when the motor reaches its operating temperature.


  • Please use only coolant as lubricant. (Do not use oils)
  • If sealant is used, make sure it is evenly applied and the correct curing time is observed before refilling the cooling system with coolant.
  • Never top up the coolant when the motor is hot since the cold liquid may cause thermo-shock in the hot motor, which could break or crack the counter ring in the mechanical seal.
  • Never operate the motor without coolant since this could cause the mechanical seal to overheat and become damaged.
  • A small amount of water may discharge from the water pump when it is first put into operation.
    This is due to the mechanical effect of the seals and does not indicate a malfunction in the water pump by any means.


  • Before installing the pump, we recommend checking the state of the automatic coupling bearing, particularly with regard to clearance. In case of doubt, replace the entire automatic coupling since a defective coupling can cause great damage.
  • It is also important that the contact surfaces between the pump and the coupling are clean.
  • In the event of a complaint (consequential damage), you must forward the fan and the automatic
    coupling to us together with the pump.
  • We cannot handle the complaint without these components.
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